My Throne of Grace

My throne of grace is the cross. My throne, unlike any other throne, is the place of sacrifice.”

In one of my recent worship times, I heard the Lord speak those words into my heart as I saw in my mind His cross. That struck me so strongly that I wept before His cross. He made the cross His throne, and there He gladly poured out His grace on us.

Last night, I had a conversation with someone regarding worship. It was then I remembered the time (several years ago) when I was so exceptionally on fire in worship. This is the same thing I realized when I went to worship the Lord this morning.

I said, “Lord, I’m here to serve You in worship. No other agenda. Not necessarily to hear Your voice, become prophetic or hear direction from You (although I know I will hear from You through this time of worship). Not to get a manifestation (although the Spirit will most likely do that too). But just to wash Your feet with my tears and to wipe Your feet with my hair (so to speak). I just want to serve You here through worship—nothing else.”

Instantly, I was caught up in a very intimate time with the Lord—feeling all His worthiness of my worship. For half an hour, almost every song on the album I was playing while worshipping was my intimate prayer to Him. No hidden agenda—just to love Him.

I guess when we get caught up with other agenda—like “give me a word Lord” or “what do You want me to do” or “do this for me Lord” or “increase my anointing”, we end up in the River of Other Agenda. Isn’t it that the sacrifice the Lord desires is a “broken and contrite heart”? Not ministry.

There’s a wonderful River of Worship in Rev. 4:9-11—It’s where you abandon all before His throne, where you forget everyone, everything, every appointment, every work on your schedule, even every ministry (our crowns). That’s the River of Worship that flows continually forever at the throne of grace! That River calls upon us to lay down everything—every crown, everything!

The cross is the place of sacrifice, both for our Lord and for us. That’s where He laid down His life as an eternal sacrifice for us. That’s also where we offer up our living sacrifices of worship and praise to Him who should be the object of all our attention.

(Note: There’s more to worship than just pouring out in songs and prayer. I learned that later in the same year of 2003. See the article “Love One Another.”)

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